One-Stop Services - Doing business in China

When considering developing business in China, overseas investors are usually faced with two choices: 

1.set up newcompany; 

2.acquireexisting Chinese enterprises. As to the acquisition, please refer to Section Two for professional services we could render.This section mainly focuses on the services we could provide in setting up new companies.


As to setting up new companies, overseas companies or groups should:

-eva luate regular permits and the suitable legal form of the entity, such as Wholly foreign-owned enterprises, equity joint ventures, cooperative joint ventures,partnership, etc.

-considerthe possible business scope allowed by different legal forms

-determinethe segregation of duties between new company and existing and relevant related party transactions

-consider holding structure of the new company, which will affect the injection and repatriation of capital, future tax efficiency and easiness of possible IPO in the future.

-arrange injection for the new company, including capital injection, asset injection, financing and etc.

-location of new company: in addition to traffic and regional consideration, fiscal differences between cities or districts should also be taken into account, so as to obtain the local government's preferential tax refund, the land supply, simplified application procedures and fast processing. In this respect, the company should analyze in details and discuss with local government of different locations about specific policies.

-properly arrange the procedures of applicationand registration, prepare relatedmaterials,submit to relevantgovernment, followupand obtain the approvals.


With supporting from global networking,our professional team could provide customers with a comprehensiverange of professional services, including:

-consultation and planning service about issues listed above

-agency services for application and registration

-capital verification

-tax agency services such as tax registration, tax approval and application for general VAT taxpayer qualification, etc.

-statutory financial statements audit or group reporting audit

-consultation and assistance concerningcorporatefinancial management and internal control system

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