Corporate financing

PE financing

Our dedicated team can assist PE to share and implement various information required in completing deals, such as:
  • To refer PE to potential targets or vice versa and facilitate the initial communication in between.
  • To facilitate the deal negotiation and provide professional support from financial and tax perspectives.
  • Prepare application or filing materials relevant to the deal
  • To apply for the deal to relevant government authority and help clarify queries.
  • To offer on-going assistance to help complete the deal.

M&A advisory

We have been involved in comprehensive advisory services for acquirers and acquirees involved in abundant M&A cases. 
for acquirers,
  • Search potential target
  • Investigate target background
  • Advise on M&A structure
  • Search opportunities to maximize return on investments
  • Perform asset or business valuation of the target
  • Offer advice and negotiation support to M&A agreement.

for acquirees,

  • Assist the acquirees to review internal financial and tax compliance beforehand to identify potential issues and take advantage in the course of negotiation.
  • Reply to due diligence team on behalf of the acquirees in the course of due diligence work arranged by the acquirers
  • Offer negotiation support from financial and tax perspectives.
  • Offer potential M&A opportunities from our close relationship with various acquirers and their agents, such as PE/VCs, investment bankers, lawyer firms and etc.

IPO advisor

Our partner team has years of IPO-related service experiences and we are keep close relationship with agents like accounting firms with security and futures qualifications, lawyers, investment bankers or agents in overseas markets. Thus, we are in a good position to offer professional support as a financial and tax advisor of the pre-IPO company. Our support may include:
  • To advise on the listing requirements and procedures of domestic or overseas stock exchanges
  • Assist the communication and appointment of agents such as investment bankers, lawyers and other necessary agents (i.e. valuers, actuaries)
  • Assist the selection and appointment of IPO reporting accountants.

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