Other audit-related services

Apart from traditional audit services, we can also provide various assurance services with greater flexibility in accordance with relevant standards to respond to various client needs:

  • Conduct review on financial statements and issue review reports in accordance with Review Standards. Review focuses more on whether financial statements can reasonably reflect the current business of the company on an overall basis and loosen quite a few routine audit procedures (i.e. bank confirmation, vouchering, stocktake, and etc.), so it's more efficient than audit. Review report is more commonly used for interim financial statements, which offers a more concise and efficient assurance approach for the management and the Board to timely review the interim financial position of the company.
  • Conduct examination procedures agreed upon with clients on targeted financial or non-financial information and report factual finding in the agreed-upon procedures reports in accordance with Related Standards on Agreed-upon Procedures. The agreed-upon procedures report does not provide assurance opinion, but it can be customized and more suits to clients actual needs. Therefore, it can offer client more value-adding experience beyond traditional audit services.
  • Conduct verification on financial information other than financial statements and issue assurance reports in accordance with Standards on Other Assurance Services. There are two types of assurance reports: reasonable assurance report and limited assurance report. The assurance reports expand the suitability of audit services and offer a certain level of flexibility on the target being verified under the assurance opinion, so it is a useful supplement besides audit report and agreed-upon procedures report.

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