Transaction services

deal structure advisory

Based on our insights in china market and industries, we can assist our clients by providing deal structure advisory services which may include following different types:
  • For RMB fund and other professional investors, we can do research on commercial information and government approval requirements of potential deals to facilitate our clients’ assessment of potential deals
  • For corporate restructuring, we can assess the feasibility of restructure plan from financial, tax and compliance perspectives and provide recommendations accordingly.
  • For overseas enterprises entering into China, we can help our clients to assess the compliance requirement, legal form suitable to the Group, permitted business scope, business positioning between new entity and existing operation and intercompany transactions, controlling structure and location of new entity and etc. we can also assist our client to file application materials, follow up and obtain relevant approvals throughout the whole application and registration process

financial due diligence

We may assist our client to carry out financial due diligence on target company. Our financial due diligence is focused on following driving factors that can create synergy or pose potential risks to the deal:
  • assessment on business model of the target
  • Analysis of profitability, financial position, cash flow and financial leverage of the target
  • Reasonableness assessment of key accounting policies adopted by the target and restatement of financial statements in accordance with GAAP (i.e. CAS, IFRS, US GAAP, etc.)
  • Assessment of recoverability of material assets
  • Assessment of the nature and amount of contingent liabilities
  • Assessment of the compliance risk on financial and capital injection aspects.
  • Identification of potential risks that may have negative impact on the deal.

post-deal integration service

For PE/VC, it’s important to improve the performance of portfolio companies to enhance the corporate value. Similar to M&A, it’s critical to the success of M&A to integrate business operation and financial management of the entities involved. Our dedicated team may assist our clients on the performance improvement of target / post-restructuring companies by leveraging our profound experience. The details are as follows:
  • To advise the target / post-restructuring companies on the integration plan of financial management and provide on-going support in the whole course of integration.
  • To provide applicable advice on performance improvement of accounting, treasury, inventory or other internal control cycles through on-field inquiry and assessment
  • To advise on the effective of business model, by which we may provide best practice of the industry where the target/post-restructuring companies are operating.

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