Tax Advisory and Compliance

Advisory and compliance services on various types of corporate or individual taxes

We provide tax advisory services to various types of clients, covering Corporate Income Tax (“CIT”), turnover taxes, property taxes and individual taxes. Based on our thorough understanding of the clients' background, in-depth analysis of tax regulations and necessary research on the prevailing practice of tax authorities, we are able to provide valuable tax advisory services to our clients in terms of overall tax planning, holding structure, funding arrangement, specific operation model or transaction. In addition, we also provide various types of tax compliance services, such as quarterly and annual CIT filings, monthly Business Tax (“BT”) or Value-added Tax (“VAT”) filings, monthly or annual Individual Income Tax (“IIT”) filings, etc.

Tax planning and implementation assistance

We may advise our clients on various types of tax planning arrangements and assist to implement, in order to maximise their overall tax efficiency. Some examples are as follows:
  • Based on our understanding and analysis on the current CIT treatment of a specific company, we advise them to consider partially adjusting the operation model so that it can enjoy relevant tax preference. For example, if obtaining the High-and-New Technology Enterprise status, a company can enjoy the lower CIT rate of 15% (the standard CIT rate is 25%).
  • We advise our clients whether their relevant income should be subject to BT or VAT, and provide relevant tax planning services.
  • We analyse individuals' investment or transaction activities and advise on applicable IIT planning arrangements, so that the overall IIT efficiency can be maximized.


When we advise our clients on applicable tax planning arrangements, we will fully consider the relevant feasibility of implementation, e.g. the difficulty of being approved by the tax authorities, the potential impact on the companies' sales, etc. Furthermore, we assist our clients during the implementation process. For example, we may help to quantify the tax impact, assess the detailed action steps, prepare the application documents and submit to the tax bureau and other authorities.

Tax audit defence and dispute resolution

During the daily operations of a company or when it applies for tax alteration/de-registration, its in-charge tax bureau may conduct tax investigation. Such investigation may be limited to some particular transactions of the company, or may cover the overall operations of the company. The company should properly deal with such tax investigations.

We have abundant tax technical and practical experience in the above areas and have assisted many companies to deal with their in-charge tax authorities' investigation or challenge. In most cases, the final results are acceptable to our clients. Typically, we adopt the work approach in which firstly we fully understand the background of the company and the concerned transaction. Then we make professional assessment based on the relevant tax regulations and our experience, and advise our client accordingly. Thereafter, we assist or represent our client to discuss or apply with the tax authorities, follow up on a timely basis until obtaining the acceptable results. During such process, we will review our client's documents that will be provided to the tax authorities or help our client to prepare application letters/explanation documents. In addition, we will advise our clients to assign single point of contact and qualified personnel to deal with the possible questions or on-site investigations of the tax authorities.

Besides our tax technical competence, we keep good working relationship with tax authorities in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Beijing and some other provinces/cities. This will definitely be helpful to obtain smooth communication channels and understand the tax authorities’ focused areas and rationale.

Normally, a company will seek professional assistance from external sources after its tax bureau raise its challenge or tax investigation request. If the company can conduct proper planning for its relevant transactions, monitor its tax compliance status and potential tax risks in advance, that will clearly make the company in a more advantageous position. For such purposes, the company may consider conduct internal tax health check on a periodic basis. Some of our clients adopt such approach, which proves to be quite effective.

Application for special tax issues

Various types of companies may need to apply or confirm with their in-charge tax authorities for different matters, which may include but not limit to the followings:
  • Whether a company can enjoy certain tax preferences, e.g. High-and-New Technology Enterprise, offshore service outsourcing, tax refund, etc.
  • Whether and when certain cost/expense or asset loss can be deducted for CIT purpose
  • Whether a company can apply for reducing or waiving the tax late payment interest charge or penalties
  • Whether a company can apply for deferring the tax payment or pay the tax by instalments
  • Whether a company can confirm the tax treatment on a specific issue with its in-charge tax bureau, if there is no clear tax regulation on this issue
  • Whether a company can confirm with its in-charge tax bureau whether its income should be subject to VAT or BT
  • Whether a company can apply for its VAT general tax payer status and confirm the length of the corresponding supervision period
  • Whether a company can apply for increasing the maximum amount on a single invoice that it will issue to customers
  • Whether a company can apply with its in-charge tax bureau to issue invoice on its behalf to customers


To provide our services regarding the above special tax application matters, we adopt the similar approach as item 3 above (tax audit defence and dispute resolution). In other words, we will utilize our tax technical competence, as well as our good working relationship with the relevant tax authorities, to achieve preferred results for our clients. We have many successful cases in this area.

Tax retainer

The finance and tax personnel of many companies may encounter various types of tax, foreign exchange and other regulatory questions during their daily work, and would like to seek guidance or advice from professional tax consultants. In this regard, we can provide our tax retainer services in the following manners:
  • Timely updates of latest tax, foreign exchange and other business regulations to our clients and provision of our brief analysis on the possible impact of such new regulations on our clients
  • Answering tax and other related questions raised by our clients during their daily work process, in the forms of telephone conversation, email, brief meeting, etc.
  • Periodical meeting (e.g. on a monthly basis) with the finance and tax team of our clients to discuss the relevant tax issues and prepare our meeting memo


Our such tax retainer services usually do not cover special projects that require for significant time costs, e.g. application with tax authorities, preparation of detailed tax advisory reports, tax due diligence on target companies, etc. If there are such needs, we will discuss with our clients to define our relevant work scope/duties, and the appropriate fee arrangement.

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